It’s incredible the things you will uncover when you are willing to participate and experience them.

I love Mai, as a friend as a support as a treasure as a gift and sometimes as a truth I fear… I have so much respect for the power of the experience when I meet with Mai in her space.

Several times I have called upon her with something in my body I could not overcome alone. At times, I was more prepared to listen than others but every time I needed to hear what was shared. To walk you through my experiences and what to expect I’m going to share a recent story.

I called upon Mai because I felt stuck. I was in a new relationship that was healthy loving and supportive. A complete opposite fairytale experience compared to the one I had just gotten out of but after 9 years in the wrong relationship, I had a hard time adjusting away from poor habits and learning to experience and offer positive ones in this new relationship. In the start of my new relationship I caused damage to this wonderful man’s confidence and spirit because of my poor responses based on what I was used to, I had done a lot of work on me and had asked for forgiveness from him but felt he was still holding on to that pain and feared it was creating resistance in our progress. I called Mai and told her that I needed help ensuring I was clear and that I had forgiven him and myself for our earlier fights I had caused and to ensure I was strong enough to help him forgive me. Mai meditated on my message before my arrival as she usually does and when I got there we began to discuss what I thought I needed. I pulled a tarot card and it was, believe it or not, forgiveness so we began to discuss the book’s exploration related to the card. Within seconds we both became very clear that forgiveness was not about my new relationship but about my 9 year one that had recently ended. And until I forgave my ex and let the remnants of pain and dysfunction dissipate, I would never be clear and able to provide this new amazing man in my life, the version of me that he deserved.

I then got on the table and Mai began to align the stones as she was guided to and used chakra clearing methods to help me release. I had been trying so hard to allow this new man access to my heart but part of it was tightly locked and I was so numb there after 9 years of turmoil, that I didn’t even realize it. Mai was able to help me begin to release that. After our session was over I felt new confidence and conviction in my path. I knew that eliminating the attachment to my past was the only way I was going to have a shot at my future and Mai helped me put those steps in motion.

You may think you know what you need when you start a session but be open, pray about it if you pray and ensure you are ready, to be honest and available and willing. If you are, you have a great opportunity to receive the insight to all that may be needed but if you are not, then it could be a waste of everyone’s time in the room.

I have known Mai for many years and when she began her journey of this level of enlightenment and exposure to her connection to the unspoken and unseen healing ability she now lives in each day, it was foreign and scary. I am grateful to her for being open to the gift she was given because without it, I would not have the ability to be healed or opened up or guided down some of my paths that I have since experienced and for that I am forever grateful for her willingness to share her gift. If you are in the area and need clarity on something or need to heal from something or even just have curiosity of what is within you that you may be overlooking, give her a call and give yourself a chance to be moved by her gift. My life has been infinitely better because of her willingness to share with me when I have called upon her. And yours can be too.

Alisha A.