“The Light That Shines” written by Mai Calev, is a MUST read by everyone.  It does not matter what your life looks like at this moment, every single person can relate and learn from this inspiring book.  We all need to be reminded from time to time who we really are and this book helps to do just that.  This book should never just sit on the shelf, it should be taken down frequently and reread.”

Dehbra T

“I have recently read Mai Calev’s book, “The Light That Shines.” My life experience supports what Mai has to say and the message she shares. For those, and it should be all of us, who want help understanding why we think and do what we do and how it affects and effects our lives, this is a must read. I find “The Light that Shines” a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to Mai’s next work.”

Greg L

“Fear and those who perpetrate fear (better known as “Fear-mongers”) penetrates just about every institution known to man. The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear penetrates this dark, crippling antagonist by exposing the tactics purposely designed to instill fear in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.”

Kimetta C

“The candid writing style may turn off some readers who don’t want to be reminded of the craziness going on out there and may be offended with the term “sheeple.” I think all of what’s going on in Turkey right now (the rioting that has barely been reported) validates a lot of what’s in your book and look forward to the second book.”