mai calevMai Calev is an Author, Energy Balancing Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Global Youth Delegation for Peace & Tolerance (along with some of her friends) wife, mother, friend, and even a real estate professional. Mai loves God, life, her energy work, people, animals, freedom, youth, diversity and all of humanity and the earth that is our home. Mai also loves and respects the spiritual beings (Angels) that are a part of us, seen and unseen.

Since 2004, Mai has been conducting energy balancing sessions on people from every walk of life, from various locations around the globe. With the help of various clients, Mai has been able to study the effects of the lower vibrating energy of fear, and how these energies impact not only our emotional well being, but our physical well being too. Many of these lower vibrating energies are rooted in the emotions attached to greed (and/or thoughts of lack) guilt, shame and self-doubt (which Mai has sufficiently named, The Four Pillars of Fear.) Mai began keeping a journal in 2006, which she had hoped to someday write a book about. What transpired, however, was a series of books, and The Light That Shines, Through the Fields of Fear, is the first in that series of books.

Mai conducts a series of seminars and workshops on The Four Pillars of Fear, Release Your Fear, Reclaim Your Life, which is a program designed to help people identify where they hold fear energies in their physical body, and teaches them how to release these patterns of fear using a simple 10 step method, in a repeated fashion. Mai has a healing series titled, The Healer In You, another retreat style program, Dynamic Self Love, and a variety of other tools to help others on their path of growth. Mai also has online coaching courses to assist a person on their path of personal growth: Conscious Thought, Conscious Creation, as well as other programs.

Mai would be ever so honored and humbled for you to join her on this journey.